At the Environmental Education Building, our goal is to inform community members about what happens to trash once it is thrown away as well as the importance of recycling.


Our education building includes a classroom with multimedia equipment, a room of interactive learning displays and a knowledgeable education staff that makes learning about recycling and trash fun! While at the Education Center you will get the chance to learn a range of information about DSWA facilities, programs, and our partner companies: Republic and Revolution Recovery. Visitors will explore how a landfill works as well as how recyclables are sorted and packed at the Materials Recovery Facility.


Program Highlights


  • Student tours of the Recycling Center on the school bus to see the Materials Recovery Facility. (MRF)

  • Virtual tours allow students to see all the machines at work inside of the MRF.

  • Interactive Classroom sessions that help teach the difference between trash and recycling.

  • Students will still be able to sort recyclables from a moving conveyor belt.

  • Landfill tours are still available. (Transportation must be a school bus.)


Program Information


  • Run Time: 1.5-2 hours

  •  Grade Level: Open to all

  •  Availability: Monday- Saturday

  •  Group Maximum: 60 (excludes teachers and chaperones) Larger groups may book multiple days

  •  Classes may bring lunch.

  • BOOK EARLY! It is never too early to book a program. Prime months include October-December and March- May.


Contact us today to schedule your visit!